"I clad my limbs in steel. I grasped a shining spear in my hand."

— James Scott MacPhearson, Ossian

Teulu Skirmisher: Vital statistics

Unit type

Ranged medium cavalry

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

Good; javelin



Production cost

  • Pop Cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 60 Log; 40Coin
  • Ramp cost: 1 Log; 1Coin


  • Mediocre
  • Medium LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: rather fast
  • Creation speed: very fast

Unit HP


Technological Requirements/Upgrades


  • Darkage

Upgrade of Uchelwr

Factions available


Teulu Skirmishers continue off where the Uchelwyr left off during the Castle Age, being tougher and no less deadly than the same, functioning as a "heavy cavalry javelin" which can be used to ambush and harass enemy units. Being more hardened warriors than normal, these men can be used in small groups to surround a foe, regardless of that foe's size and cut him down. Ideally the best way to do this is to lure an enemy's army with a small force of cavalry, and then send the Teulu in at the rear to slowly cut down stragglers: all javelin cavalry are highly lethal when flanking a foe. Keep them away from rapid-firing ranged weapons and from being surrounded themselves, however as they are very weak if attacked back, although their added armour should allow them some time to escape.

Welsh cavalry often formed the elite bodyguard (Teulu, "family") of a lord, and often preferred to use javelins in the Gaelic style as opposed to the fullblown glorious charge which was the hallmark of their Norman foes. The many Welsh lords of the land did adopt some of the Norman ways of war, but given the politico-economic climate of Wales and her rough, woody terrain, it was the Welsh spearman and archer that dominated tactics until the eventual conquest of the same and the annexation of that land to the English crown in the late 13th century.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Unique stealthy ranged medium cavalry, tougher than Uchelwr.
  • Battle-Hardened — The superior stats of Teulu Skirmishers allow them to function as a "heavy cavalry javelin" which can be used to ambush and harass enemy units.
  • Riding Like Hell — Because of their decent armour and the sheer power of their javelins, the Teulu are are highly effective counters for heavy cavalry and crossbow infantry, despite their slower speed and worse range.
  • Over-Counter Cavalry — Teulu are high effective against slow-moving or slow-firing units, but light cavalry and archers can easily kill them.
  • Ghosting — Because Teulu are cloaked except when attacking, they are very useful for infiltration and surprise attacks.

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