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Thanks to Gergana, we know what to do if things go wrong!Edit

  • Bulgaria will take over Turkish powers from Bohemia
  • Bohemia gets the Mayan bonuses.

What units will Bulgaria receive?

  • Slavic Wojaks, shared with Poland. Axe Wojak will be renamed as 'Slavic Wojow' [1]
  • Druzhina [1] => Boyar [2]
  • Kopienostzi (+attack) [1] => Retinue Kopienostzi (++ attack, but takes longer to train)
  • Bulgaria receives both horse archers and horse javelins
  • Heavy archers - the Caucasus Hunter line will be removed from both Russia and Poland [1-3]
  • Tarkhan [3]

What buildings will Bulgaria receive?

  • Bastions
  • Chapterhouses
  • Constabulary
  • Hagia Sofia, Detinets

Bulgaria receives no unique units of its own, given its intermittent independence from Byzantium, but the units it receives are of sound quality. Of note is its odd specialty: it can muster BOTH light cavalry archers and heavier javelin cavalry, meaning that in ranged cavalry Bulgaria is second to none.

Ranged cavalry are not the only units of note in the Bulgarian stable, for in all ages Bulgaria also shares enhanced cavalry with other factions - such as the Druzhinnik and Boyarnik lines, which sacrifice metal usage efficiency for lowered costs in wealth, and the Tarkhan, which is arguably the best cavalry unit of the Imperial Era. As to infantry, Bulgaria receives only 2 lines of note; 3 heavy archer units, and the Slavic Wojaky which it shares with Poland.

The handicaps on Bulgarian infantry however mean that in all cases, it will be the cavalry that will be saving your skin in dicey situations. Bulgaria receives no economic bonuses, but it doesn't matter, as its most prized economic assets are its military units. Because Bulgarian military units generate resources whenever they destroy enemy units and structures, you can use them as your main "gathering" force. On one hand this promotes highly aggressive play from Bulgaria, but on the other hand it also means that Bulgaria is economically deficient without frequent raiding and warfare. As with the vanilla Aztec AI of Rise of Nations, there can be no compromise with the Bulgarian AI in a normal skirmish, but if you can secure an alliance and feed the Bulgarian player supplies, that same player can keep you alive with his powerful army, while you can continue producing supplies to stiffen his ranks. The added free Military research level that Bulgaria receives at the beginning of the game however can be a blessing in disguise, since it means that Bulgarian demographic development can continue unimpeded for a while unlike other factions, giving Bulgaria an edge over population growth and military strength.


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