A stable is where mounted units are trained and healed. Cavalry units come in different sorts: light melee, heavy melee, light ranged and medium ranged.

Factions with access to Imperial Mandate have the option of upgrading their stables to Constabularies. These are sturdier, have a better line of sight as well as the ability to function as static point defences. Factions capable of constructing constabularies include: China; Mongolia and Armenia.

Units trainedEdit

  • Light cavalry: light horse [1] => light cavalry [2] => Trooper [3]
  • Heavy cavalry: lancer [1] => knight [2] => noble knight [3]
  • Skirmishers: mounted javelineers [1-2] => crossbow cav [3]
  • Mounted archers: Horse archer (1) => mounted ranger (2) => Palace Gamekeeper (3)


A Constabulary has enhanced attack and defensive stats, making it as powerful as a Dark Age Tower.

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