Faction Overview Sicily in Rise of Chivalry Sicily in Renovatio Europam

The Sicilians in the Early Campaign are depicted as being under the Kalbids, and while they are at war with the Moors they are allied to the Abbasid caliphs but are at war with the Cordoban Caliphate to the west. For the Byzantines, Ottonians and French, Sicily is too valuable a prize to be left alone because of its resources and location - as the hub of the entire Mediterranean archipelagic network it allows access to almost the entire whole of southern Europe and Africa and must be taken from its Islamic owners at all costs. Given that increased growith by the Islamic factions of the map - the Abbasids, Sicilians and Moors - is inevitable, it can only be expected that Sicily will not survive independent and may either become a vassal or be eliminated outright.

Sphere of InfluenceEdit

  • Italy, being
    • Sicily
    • Apulia
    • Malta
    • Sardinia, and
  • Dalmatia
  • Catalonia
  • Aragon
  • Denia

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