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In the Early CtW, the Russians are under the sway of Kiev, which continues to hold sway over vast tracts of land, namely the territories of Ladoga, Belarus, Muscovy and their capital at Kiev. For this reason, they tend to be at loggerheads with the factions that neighbours them, most notably the Danes for the northeastern reaches of Varangia and the Poles over Lietuva. The Russians will never submit to vassalisation willingly unless the other power was an Orthodox faction too — so if you are playing Byzantium you can hope to convert them into vassals, tribute willing.

Diplomacy-wise Kiev keeps to itself as long as its sphere of influence is respected, but is not interested in alliances — only vassalisation. Towards the non-Christian factions, Kiev is highly antagonistic and does not like the Turkic factions — this includes the Turks and Mongols. If you are playing as the Byzantines, you should seek to subjugate them as soon as possible to consolidate your hold over the east.

Initial startupEdit

  • Kiev (Level 4; capital) Territories: Ladoga (Level 1; fish); Muscovy (Level 1; fur); Belarus (Level 2)
  • Tribute: 90
  • Bonus: Eureka — Civics

Sphere of influenceEdit

  • Kiev
  • Ladoga
  • Kola
  • Belarus
  • Muscovy
  • Bjarmaland
  • Lappmarch
  • Karelia
  • Cumania
  • Ob Basin
  • Lietuva
  • Livonia
  • Sar'-Su
  • Astrakhan

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