"With a sword in his right hand and a flower in his left he comes. / He breaks open thy door. / He comes not to beg but to fight and conquer."

- Rabindranath Tagore

Drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including Normans, Italians and Muslims, Rizico reflect best the multicultural ethos of Sicily under Norman rulers, combining what both Vikings and Arabs do best - looting. Although statistics-wise they are identical with most run-of-the-mill Skirmisher Levy, Rizico have one special ability - they can loot resources from enemy buildings that they damage. As levy units go, however, Rizico are still laughably weak and although of some use against enemy archers, their abilities against melee units will only bear tragic results. They therefore are useful as support units, but otherwise are totally helpless and hapless against your opponent's armies.

After the Norman conquests of Sicily and Southern Italy, the Norman counts of Sicily chose to leave their newly acquired Muslim subjects alone and even treated them well. Although not Christians, the Muslims of Sicily continued to maintain their penchant for light skirmisher tactics, something which was not lost on their Sicilian overlords and their Hohenstaufen successors. Although Norman knights or milites would dominate the armies of Norman Sicily, Arabo-Norman Rizico were also recruited to make up numbers. These were basically all-comers, who were paid solely in loot and raised for the purpose of military campaigning.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Skirmisher levy which can generate loot by damaging buildings.
  • Rizico are incredibly weak against melee and therefore are useful as support units, but otherwise are totally helpless.

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