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Welcome to Rise of Kings Fandom!

This site is dedicated to the mod Rise of Kings: Chronicles, a mod created for the award-winning RTS game Rise of Nations.


1. How do I install this mod?

  • Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations
It is HIGHLY recommended that you install this mod over an unadulterated version of Rise of Kings: Thrones and Patriots to avoid complications.
You will start off with the following files:
Opening TAP
Opening the folder, you will then find four files, titled .....
Core files
These are the four core files of Rise of Kings, and will need to be inserted into your Thrones and Patriots folder, which is usually located under either one of these folders in your C:\ drive:
  • Program Files\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations
  • Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Rise of Nations

For Steam versions of the game, search for a folder titled "Thrones and Patriots"

Upon finding the right file, opening it it up should reveal the following contents:

All you have to do is to drag all four folders into this one, and let them overwrite any existing files that are around. Note however that any files inserted into any of the four core files other than "mods" may overwrite other files previously inserted into your computer by Rise of Nations itself or by other mods.

2. The mod malfunctioned and gave a "NO GPIECE_UNIT" error when I first started it! what should I do?

We do test the mod for issues regarding startup, but here are some possibilities for troubleshooting:
  • One or more core files for Rise of Nations was compromised. As Rise of Kings is highly reliant on some BHG-produced material, it is best to install Rise of Kings on a clean and unchanged version of Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots.
  • You did not install the mod properly. Make sure that the folder "Rise of Kings 1.0" is sitting in your /mods folder for Thrones & Patriots.

3. But what if it says "GATHERING EXCEPTION DATA"?

In the likely but unfortunate event that this takes place, you need to let us know the following:
  • What factions were active in your crashed game,
  • What building you last created and
  • What unit you last tried to train
  • The size of your map

This data needs to be passed to either Beelim or Super7700, either at this site or at so that we can assess the issue and try to fix it.

4. Peasant Levy and Highland Caterans can't be selected, is this a bug?

Peasant Levy are not supposed to be selectable, because they are untrained and undisciplined. The only way you can select them is by either using the SHIFT + , function in Rise of Nations, or by setting rally points and letting the units move into position to attack.

Version history

Code Changes Status Remarks (by modders)
Rise of Kings 1.6
  • New Scenario/Skirmish BHS
  • Chukchi units not ready
  • Indian faction still needs Rajput swordsman - take from Rise of Napoleon???
  • Where is CtW???!?
  • Can we even make money of this???!??!?!?!!1
  • Several Chivalric Order/Temple units to be given healing ability.
Rise of Kings 1.5
  • Lots and lots of graphics changes.
  • Bugs related to icons squashed.


Visit this update's page on for further details.

Rise of Kings 1.4
  • New units added
  • Some bugfixes
Rise of Kings 1.3a
  • Limited unit and building graphic glitch fixes
  • New faction: Serbia (replaces Bohemia)
  • More mercenaries and units
  • Wonder units disabled

Ony a few more units remain to be introduced, but building graphic glitches remain to be fixed, only a select few will be taken care of.

Instead of building units at wonders we may have them spawn there instead.

Recent crash reports by users suggest that buildings are to blame, we will be looking into this.
Rise of Kings 1.2
  • Mopping up all units

Progress continues: we will not rest until these last units are complete, proper sounds are inserted and units have their own icons and descriptions.

Machinery and CtW units continue to bug us; but we will continue as long as we may.

Latest activity

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