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Poland in Rise of Chivalry is a small nation based in Poland and allied to the Holy Roman Empire . If left alone, Poland will eventually control Sclavonia before attacking southwards into Danubia. For this reason, however, it is one of the many factions at war with the Magyars, and will prove to be a serious threat to domination of Europe by either the Empire or the Hungarian Crown. Thus, the acquisition of Poland's territories is a victory condition for both Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire, guaranteeing that relations between the Poles and the HRE are bound to be prickly indeed despite having the two in alliance. Because of this, you should try to vassalise the Polish nation as soon as possible if you play as either the Empire or Hungary, allowing you to raise enough armies for an eventual takeover of the entire European continent.

Conversely, Poland can be a very effective anchor for France and the Byzantines who doubtlessly seek to forestall a Central European power from arising, and also face threats from Poland's neighbours. Thus it might be most expedient to seek an alliance with the Poles as soon as possible. This is especially true for the Byzantines whose capital is too close for comfort to the Bulgars and the Hungarians and need to relive the pressures on their capital territory of Bosporus as soon as possible.

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