Faction Overview Papal States in Rise of Chivalry Papal States in Renovatio Europam
Playable factions Sicily Venice England Scotland French Burgyndy Hre Norse Poland Portugal Spain Magyarok
Papal States Armenia Byzantines Russians Serbians Moors Saracens Turks Mongol China Japan

CtW guideEdit

You commence the game with two different areas under your control. Your capital, Latium, consists of Rome and Tuscany, which together form a level 3 region which constitutes your seat of government. Your second territory, the Romagna, is located directly north of Latium.

To the south lies Apulia with its important supply of manpower and sulphur, which is vital for siege weapons. Occupying this territory instantly before the Aragonese get there could potentially make you powerful enough to eventually begin dominating the Italian peninsula as opposed to merely just ruling by proxy.

As an AI player, the Papal States are mostly defensive and therefore only opportunistically attack rebel-held or barbarian areas; however they will always seek to possess Jerusalem. The AI Papal States will not accept alliance offers from any faction that isn't a Catholic, with one exception perhaps: China.

CtW objectivesEdit

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies

Initial startupEdit

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