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Plalable factions

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The Norse, under the leadership of the Danes, rule a sizeable empire consisting of lands colonised by the Danes, consisting of Jutland and Sjaelland in Denmark, as well as the English Midlands as well as Iceland, meaning that the Norse in theory can cherry pick their way towards supremacy. In general, the Norse are open to offers of free alliance from France, Scotland and the Holy Roman Empire; will not accept alliances with the English and are hostile to both Poland and Russia

If you are playing either as England or the Holy Roman Empire, expect many border conflicts with the Danish Norse, especially moreso as England since the Danes are in alliance with the Scots, making life harder than it normally ought to be for you.


Initial start:Edit

Sphere of influenceEdit

  • Sjaelland
  • Uppsala
  • Gotaland
  • Norway
  • Iceland

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