Kings & ConquerorsEdit

  • Intro teaser: King's Airs (Generals)
  • A Tale of Two Kings : Enchanted Forest, Henry Lowman
  • Early CtW: Layer2
  • Imperivm Invictvm: Spirit of the Kithara, Michael Levy
  • Late CtW: Cassandra's Theme, The Trojan Women

Rise of Kings introEdit

  • Intro teaser: Gothic 3
  • Early CtW: Bel Flor Danca
  • Late CtW: Codex Faenza Entry 2

Rise of the ModernsEdit

  • Intro teaser: Wingandaprayer / Audiomachine, Red Warrior
  • Birth of America: Z noveho Sveta - Adagio
  • The East Indies: Alizadeh, Variations of Naghme/Warbling
  • Grand Campaign: Audiomachine, Red Warrior

Age of DarknessEdit

  • Intro teaser: others
  • Eclipse (WW1): Audiomachine, House of Cards
  • Stormfronts: Samuel Barber Adagio
  • Domination: Elgar, Enigma XI - BGN
  • Age of Darkness: Satan's Dance, Vaughan Willians

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