Level 1: The teachings of Ibn YasinEdit

"Despite our fathers' admonishments, the tribes of these highlands continue to defy us and continue their ways of heresy and banditry. To win, capture the village of Marrakesh and make it into a city."

  • The Moors seize the Atlas.
  • Introduces the Outpost, Chivalric Orders and Nobles' Court
  • You will need to recruit mercenaries to capture one village, then capture Marrakesh.

Level 2: Into SpainEdit

"The Prophet's Faith is under threat in Iberia and is in danger of being extinguished along with all semblance of responsible law and order. Send agents into the Spanish lands to restore freedom and justice to the Faithful of Cordoba, Badajoz and Granada."

  • The Moors seize Granada
  • Claim the cities of Cordoba, Badajoz and Granada
  • Research the Five Pillars
  • Use a hashishin.

Level 3: Relief of BaltalyawsEdit

"Despite your best efforts, the Christian Goths have managed to launch an incursion across the border and now hold the town of Batalyaws, sending the emir into flight and his people into mayhem. Your mission will be to stabilise this territory and push the Goths out of Muslim lands once and for all."

  • The Moors seize Seville
  • Construct a Senate
  • Learn about what governments can be used and how they affect you.
  • Choose a government.
  • Destroy all Spanish buildings and structures.

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