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Playable factions Byzantines England French Hre Moors Magyarok Saracens Mongol China

CtW guideEdit

The Moorish Early Campaign is the main tutorial of the game.

Flag amoravid

CtW ObjectivesEdit

  • Conquer your sphere of influence.
  • Secondary objectives
    • Conquer both Iberia and Africa, to receive a Missionaries card with each continent conquered
    • Conquer the Hejaz for better relations with Islamic rulers - we can always appoint our own indigenous Muslim officials to run Mecca
    • Conquer Jerusalem to gain support from Saracens; Turks; Mongols; and Sicilians

Initial startupEdit

  • Territories: Maghreb (capital, level 1)
  • Tribute: 50

Sphere of influenceEdit

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