They placed seven stone-throwing engines heavily protected on all sides, which they had previously equipped specially for this purpose during their progress by way of Thasos.

— John Kaminiates,
eyewitness to the Saracen sacking of Thessaloniki in 904 CE

Mangonel: Vital statistics

Unit type

Siege artillery

Built/trained at

Siege workshop

Damage and weapon type

  • High; catapult shot
  • Bonus damage versus buildings



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 2
  • Resource cost: 200Ore, 200Log
  • Ramp cost: 7Ore, 7Log


  • Excellent
  • Fair LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: slow
  • Creation speed: Slow


No information

Technological requirements


  • Maspns

Upgrades to Trebuchet

Factions available


The Mangonel is the very first of several anti-building, long-ranged siege units that you can create from your siege workshop. And like the first siege machines, it is also the least desirable. For a high cost, and poor rates of fire and armour, and terrible accuracy to boot, you would be asking yourself: why on earth am I buying this unit? to which, there are two answers.

The first is that the Mangonel is the only unit in the Dark Age capable of a long-ranged attack. It is true that massed Spearmen can easily trash an enemy city and gut its surrounding buildings to nothing, but if an enemy has erected a Fort, such measures may be impossible. Especially moreso when there are Peasant Levy and Militia on hand to foil attacks by battering ram. Mangonels have fairly good range, allowing them to outrange even Castles (although the Nobles' Court will always prove to be a challenge), thus once you obtain these units, it would be much better to do in siege warfare what the term "siege" actually means (French, "seat", ie "sit down"): let your army sit down and take a break, while the Mangonels have a crack at the enemy, thus sparing your men of any further losses, although it must be said that Mangonels are not the fastest of units. Bring supply wagons or an autocratic Patriot, and your Mangonels will take care of any enemy citadels for you.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Basic anti-building siege unit, very expensive and slow to use, but very strong against buildings.
  • Supply wagons or autocratic Patriots can be used to increase their rate of fire threefold.

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