Mamluk Cavalry may refer to any of the following:

  • Mamluk Lancer, a heavy cavalry unit, or
  • Ghilman, a medium-strength cavalry unit.

Following the tradition of eschewing armour for markedly increased unit speed, Mamluk Cavalry are available to the Saracens and Moors, but only insofar as they are capable of erecting the Alhambra Complex wonder. (...)

New units (all from Temple, Muslims must have researched Monarchy and Darul Islam)

  • Mamluk lancers - functions like Magyar cavalry, powerful, devastating attack in exchange for lower defensive ratings (the old Mamluk skin is used for the Islamic Mailed Lancer)
  • Cavalry jund
  • Ghulam horse archers - strong Turkic horse archers, known for their
  • Tabardiyyah infantry - a halberdier that marches more slowly, but has more armour.

So what do Islamic republics have, then?

  • Cavalry Asakir - is an upgrade of Light Cavalry for all factions
  • Camel Raider, appears in the Stable - moves more slowly, but is tougher and has lower food ramp.
  • African skirmishers and Heavy Asakir, trained from the Temple to Andalus - Norman axeman needs revising
  • Ahdath Levy upgrade, Foot Asakir upgrade

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