"The men he treated as God's foes,
Who dared the true faith to oppose." Heimskringla (Cap 12 Pt IV)

Lay Knights come with the development and integration of small military hospitals and monastic orders into large, powerful Military Orders. Because of the wealth of these orders, these monks are able to receive better training and equipment and are mounted on a fine steed, meaning that they have better armour, hit points and attack than their Militant Clergy ancestors. As a consequence though, they are more expensive and take longer to train &mash; and only at a Nobles' Court at that. This means that they should be used carefully by making the most of their strengths so that they are not wasted. Because of their large amount of hit points and armour, they are best for holding a line and protecting some of the more vulnerable soldiers such as crossbowmen. Also, they can heal units within a larger radius.

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