Recruited from Western Africa, Janawa Retinue consist of tribal auxiliaries armed primarily with spear and shield, making them useful for breaking up enemy cavalry. Although not as mighty as European Spear Sergeants and thus more easily slain, the Janawa are quick on the march like the Saracen Spear Jund, although unlike the latter, they can't be upgraded. What the Janawa Retinue succeeds in doing, however, is in providing you with a fast-training unit that can be quickly recruited from a Castle. This makes them ideal for defensive warfare, since they can be created fairly quickly for use against enemies besieging your fortress before it can be destroyed.

The Moroccan-based Murabitun (known as Almoravides to Portuguese- and Spanish-speaking communities) were of African descent and used their connections to the tribal aristocracies of faraway Western Africa to raise contingents of volunteers and levies to fight for them in both Africa and Europe alike, either through diplomacy and commerce with the Muslim tribes there, or outright slavery. Murabitun sources state that the men of Ghana were proficient raiders adept in the use of swords, spears and javelins, and provided the Murabitun and their Almohad successors ample manpower for use against their Christian foes in the north so long as there was ample coin to pass around.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Heavy unique infantry unit which sacrifices defence for unit speed.

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