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CtW guideEdit

In contrast with the tenuous start faced by the house of Otto in the Early Campaign, the Late Campaign is far more interesting with many opportunities. Upon starting the game, you will notice that you possess two different territories: Carinthia, your capital; and the resource-rich Tyrol. Tyrol's copper will do well in giving your siege weapons a hp boost, while the metal scrounged from it can help in your fortifications.

The first thing you need to note is that the whole interior of Germany is in turmoil, so you should go out your way to take out all territories before the Burgundians, Danes, Poles or Hungarians do so. Try to maintain peace with the Venetians and Hungarians until you are sufficiently large enough, then try to conquer or buy the lands which form the nucleus of the Empire: Nordmark, Bavaria, Lorarine, Swabia and the Tyrol. Once this is done, your borders should be more secure with a +2 fortification bonus to all your existing territories, as long as all four territories are acquired before the onset of the Imperial Era.

The lands of Bohemia, Helvetia and Nordmark are especially valuable - take these lands and your opponents won't be able to wage any wars. The number of unoccupied lands in Germany means that there is plenty of room for you to expand. Try to acquire Helvetia or Nordmark as quickly as you can, as they provide free armies for your use. Alternatively, you can wait for Poland to expand — if Poland conquers a new territory, the Teutonic Knights will approach you for sponsorship, which will allow you control of Kurzeme and Pomerania, but this could potentially result in a backlash in your relations with Poland.

Once this is done, you can gain control of the Holy Roman Empire and begin building up the Habsburg empire.

HRE Flag

CtW ObjectivesEdit

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies
  • Acquire the following territories before the end of the Castle Age for a +2 fortification bonus to all your regions:

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Carinthia (Level 4), Tyrol (Level 1, copper)
  • Tribute: 100
  • Bonus: 1 x Mercenaries; 2 x Economic Boom — Wealth

Sphere of InfluenceEdit

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