"[They] made many lightning assaults on the enemy, and sending their armies against them, shed much blood."

— John of Drasxanakert, History of Armenia

Haspet Skirmisher: Vital statistics

Unit type

Ranged medium cavalry

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

Good; javelin



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 6Log; 4Coin
  • Ramp cost: 1Log; 1Coin


  • Mediocre
  • Medium LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: rather fast
  • Creation speed: very fast

Unit HP


Technological requirements; upgrades

  • Darkage [2]
  • Mercs Militiae

Upgrade of Javelin Cavalry

Factions available


Forming the core of the Armenian army in the Castle Age along with the redoubtable Azat Yeomen are the Haspet Skirmishers (Haspet meaning "knightly" in Armenian). Unlike the quick-running but thin-skinned warriors of the Iberian peninsula, Haspet Skirmishers are endowed with added armour, more hitpoints and a heavier attack, making them even more deadly against slower-moving melee units, whereso required. Just remember not to pit them against archers, particularly crossbows — Haspet Skirmishers while heavily armoured are little more than living pincushions if pitted against them. Equally, they can be massacred if melee medium cavalry can close in on them.

Consisting of mountain and plain, the region of Armenia was one which was suited to the raising of horses. Armenian cavalry was well-known ever since the days of the Orontids under Persian rule, and their cavalry traditions continued to be practised well into the Middle Ages. At the eve of the foundation of Cilician Armenia, lances and javelins were the favoured weapons of Armenian cavalrymen, which allowed them to function very much like how the Roman legionnaire would have done — javelins would be thrown to soften the enemy prior to a charge with lances.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Powerful medium-strength skirmisher cavalry, unique to Armenia.
  • Riding Like Hell — Because of their decent armour and the sheer power of their javelins, Haspet Skirmishers are highly effective counters for heavy cavalry and crossbow infantry.
  • Over-Counter Cavalry — Haspet Skirmishers are high effective against slow-moving or slow-firing units, but medium cavalry and archers can easily kill them.

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