"Arthur went as far as Esgeir Oervel in Ireland, to the place where the Boar Trwyth was with his seven young pigs, and the dogs were let loose upon [Trwyth] from all sides."

— The Mabinogion

Gafaelgwn: Vital statistics

Unit type

Attack dog

Built/trained at

Peasants' commune

Damage and weapon type

Medium; melee



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 10Coin, 20Food
  • Ramp cost: 2Coin


  • Melee
  • Low LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: fast
  • Creation speed: fast

Unit HP


Technological requirements


Factions available

Gafaelgwn (or in modern English, gafaelgis) are large mastiffs native to the Welsh highlands. These dogs are exceptionally strong and hardy, and for this reason  can be a prized addition to your army. Gafaelgwn are not just somewhat strong for a war dog, but are also ideal for sensing and spitting enemies, given their good line of sight. Additionally, the Welsh faction also benefits from the fact that these dogs do not require the Castle Age to be researched, requiring only a Peasants' commune to be trained. So in many cases, these dogs can be used to rip apart enemy formations, although they are somewhat pricey given how long they last in combat.

Although the Corgi is the breed most popularly associated with Wales, there is another breed of dog which played a major role in the bleak and hostile world that was Mediaeval Wales: the Gafaelgi or "hill-hound". Strong and resilient, these dogs were ideal for various tasks, which ranged from droving to nipping the odd enemy warrior who had no business in Welsh lands. With sufficient training and aggression, Gafaelgwn can be expected to harry mounted raiders and even hamstring their mounts. Similar tactics were used across the Irish Sea where wolfhounds would be used to bundle into mounted knights. Pinned down by the weight of their armour, the hapless knights could be easily finished off.

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