Burgundy & ArlesByzantine EmpireKalbid emirateCórdoba emirateSelçuklular OğuzTang EmpireFujiwara regencyShiwei UlsSee the png renderDenmarkGreater NovgorodAbbasid caliphateKingdom of ArmeniaRepublic of VeniceFrankish kingdomMagyar kingdomHoly SeeKingdom of WessexGwyneddAlbaGalicia & PortugalAsturiasOttonian DynastyPolish nationPrincipality of RaskiaPb210110

To view a faction, click the shield or banner associated with that faction. You may hover your mouse pointer over a shield in order to find out to whom that banner or region belongs to. You may also click the compass in the lower-right corner to see the PNG render.

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