The Scots rode beyond the Wold and [appeared] before York, and committed destruction at their pleasure without resistance from any, until it seemed good to them to retire.

— The Scalacronica, trans Sir Herbert Maxwell

Border Raiders: Vital statistics

Unit type

Light cavalry

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type




Production cost

  • Pop cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 40 Log; 60Food
  • Ramp cost: 1 Log; 1Food


  • Melee
  • Good LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: Fast
  • Creation speed: Normal

Unit HP


Technological requirements

Factions available

A Scottish unique light cavalry unit, the Border Raider is distinguished from generic Light Cavalry by its sacrificing hitpoints, offensive strength and speed for added line of sight. Of course, their poor armour and attack, alongside their poor speed, means that against most cavalry-heavy civilisations they might have many problems, but they well make up for it by helping you avoid trouble as opposed to fighting it whenever it comes. For the Scots who are wholly dependent on Caterans and Sciltrons by the Castle Age, the Border Raider can be a useful unit if used as a supporting unit against archers, since it can spot them quicker than most other units.

Due to the terrain which alternated between wooded mountain passes and open riparian plains, the inhabitants of northern Britain developed a unique style of cavalry which was best suited for sneak attacks, which eventually gave rise to armed men known as "reavers" or "reivers", named so for their predatory way of life which often involved livestock rustling, banditry and even abducting people for ransom. Unlike other cavalrymen, Reavers preferred to use strong nags or ponies as opposed to full-sized destriers, given the terrain they operated in, with Irish ponies or "hobies" being seen as the premium choice of mount in such conditions. For the Welsh in the Imperial Era, the most desperate of these people, known as Broken Men, are the only advanced light cavalry element recruitable to them.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Scottish unique light cavalry unit, neither as strong nor swift as Light Cavalry, but with very good line of sight, making it an excellent armed scout.
  • Border Bother — Although they perform poorly in battle, Border Raiders make up for it by functioning as a cavalry spotter, capable of seeing further than any other light cavalry unit.
  • Broken Men — These are an exact replica of Border Raiders, being available to Wales in the Imperial Era and are the best light cavalry available to them since they have no access to Castle Age Light Cavalry.
  • Eye Spy — the extensive line of sight of the Border Raider marks it as the best cavalry unit for surveillance and raiding.

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