"... like gray wolves, they lope in the field, seeking for themselves honor, and for their prince, glory."

Lay of Igor's Campaign (c1185)

Berdishy Dvor: Vital statistics

Unit type

Heavy infantry

Built/trained at


Damage and weapon type

Strong, polearm



Production cost

  • Pop cost: 1
  • Resource cost: 80Food, 80Ore
  • Ramp cost: 10Ore


  • Melee
  • Low LOS

Unit move and creation speed

  • Unit movement speed: Medium
  • Creation speed: Slow

Unit HP


Technological requirements

Factions available

Once the Imperial Era is reached, the hitherto ineffectual Gridny heavy axemen can be upgraded into something more exciting: Berdishy Dvor or, "retinue bardiches". Although armed with somewhat antiquated weapons, these are still formidable heavies which are considered the personal retinue of a Kynaz. Unlike the Boyary whose power and strength are tied to the Kynaz by feudal contract, the Dvor are directly under the control of the resident Kynaz. Unlike normal Spear Sergeants, Berdishy Dvor are slow but extremely hard-hitting due to the reach of their weapons which is very useful for taking out packed formations of melee units, a;though they may be outranged by those who manage to raise Pikemen, although unlike Pikemen they can be trained without ever needed Centralisation (a tech which Russia cannot research)

While it is true that they consequently have no ramp costs in food (for infantry) or wealth (for heavy cavalry), the fact is that the sheer metal cost blocks Russia's ability to upgrade its defensive strength, yet alone produce additional instances of these units for the battlefield. As such, these units may perhaps provide savings that can be pumped into Russian armoured militia or light cavalry, but are limited if not useless by the fact that one cannot amass sufficient numbers of these troops to fight. A good method, however, around this would be to trade resources with others. The most valuable trade partner would be Byzantium, whose infantry do not consume that much metal as Russian heavy units do.

Unit summaryEdit

  • Heavy polearms infantry. slower than normal Spear Sergeants with an exorbitant ramp cost in metal, but with a diminished food cost and the ability to deal serious splash damage.
  • First Strike — As the Berdishy Dvor can be obtained in the pre-Centralisation late game, they are a great boost for those capable of recruiting them, although they will soon be outranged by the costlier but more efficient Pikemen.
  • Battleship Bulk — Berdishy Dvor are slow but extremely hard-hitting due to the reach of their weapons which is very useful for taking out packed formations of melee units.
  • A Question of Mettle — Berdish Dvor have a very high metal cost, but a very low food cost to compensate. If Russian metal production is stymied, trade might be the only way to obtain sufficient metal to create them.

CtW informationEdit

Although modelled after the Russians, the Lithuanian sub-faction trains both Russian and Polish infantry, but doesn't train any unique cavalry units, apart having both Javelin Cavalry and Horse Archers.

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